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Meaza Worku Birhanu

 Art, Fashion, Language and Literature / by emwa


Meaza has received her BA in Theatre Arts from Addis Ababa University and diploma from University of West in Sweden in Intercultural Adult Pedagogy. She has written theatres entitled “zenegnochu”, “shebreb” and “keselamta gar’’ in Amharic and Desperate to Fight, Cross Roads and By the River, in English which were staged in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Sweden, Italy and New York. These were translated into Italian, Arabic and German languages. Her work By the River is published in a collection of theatre book entitled Lighting the Way. She has also contributed more than 20 short radio dramas and four series television dramas. She has contributed as program director of a conference, Crossing Boundaries Festival. She is currently, the owner and manager of Meaza film production and Art Consultancy.

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