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Aida Tadesse Wondafrash

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Aida Tadesse is an Ethiopian Fashion Designer, and Social Entrepreneur. She is also the President of Ethiopia Fashion Designers Industrial Sectoral Association. Aida is the Founder and Creative Director of her clothe brand AIDESHO with a motto Fashion with Purpose. Designing is her passion in life. To share her passion and her vision is the main reason behind AIDESHO. She has been in the fashion industry for several years and received many accolades. AIDESHO specializes in making women wear apparel that is made out of Ethiopian hand-woven traditional fabric by creating outstanding, timeless and functional wear that brings elegance, comfort and freedom to women’s everyday wear. Furthermore, Aida has made it part of her mission to transmit, to share, to contribute in the gentlest manner possible. Her focus is on enhancing the well-being of her community of customers by giving them access to this human touch and contact. She creates offerings from Africa to Africa and to the rest of the world. She is a transmitter and a connector, as well as a provider of kind products which enhance the well-being of their wearers. She is also a community builder and teacher, hence the establishment of her initiative Teach2Impact: 10% of the proceeds from Conscious Wear by Aidesho sales go to this project which gives trainings. She also created a line called Conscious Wear in 2020 which is so dear to her heart. Conscious Wear is a slow fashion and sustainable brand for the intentional and conscious buyer.

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